Freitag, 9. Mai 2008

Its showtime!

Dear Students, just to remind you:

Welcome back,

I hope you had an inspiring excursion to Boston, and came
Back with a lot of novel insights and interesting ideas.
Now it is time for some progress in our Florination Course,
I hope you didn´t forget the things learned in the first
Stint of our course.

Just to repeat:


The aplication of computational ideas for the creation
Of spatial conditions based on floral entities:

Plication, Inflorescence, chromatics, manifolds etc..

Maya, TopMod..

Architectural Program: A Bar/Exhibition space on the Site of the Gropius Meister Haus. Explore the oportunities for Architecture Design within our Agenda..(remember the problem of the stair last semester, and how to make progress this semester..)

Check out the links provided on the blog for specific sensibilities and try to work tagging along this lines..

To all groups that haven´t done it so far: Please Post your presentations on
The Blog:

Next stint: 16. 17. 18th of May starting 11am

Keep in Mind that for the next stint we need a lot of progress in your designs, as it will be the midterm for our course.

Hope to see some of your results very soon..

All the best,

Matias del Campo

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