Montag, 21. Juli 2008

The Boogie Garden - project description

Floral Infection, by Réka Simó, Emilia Makaruk, Chanon Aranyanak

The Yellow Columbine (Aquilegia Flavescens), according to Wikipedia, is a herbaceous Perennial plant with bell-shaped flowers. Its petals are modified into an elongated nectar spur and penetrate the layer formed by the sepals, which are similar in color. Having two layers interconnected, creates interesting spaces in-between. The components of the flower always follow certain rules, the most obvious is the repetition of the number five.

In the process of developing the project the geometrical regularity, the interconnection and the double layering set the trend to follow. The chosen keyword, inflorescence denotes a group or cluster of flowers arranged according to a certain rule. These basic rules were applied on the volume of the former Walter Gropius building, creating a double layered outer shell for the pavilion. One of the opportunities deriving from this special skin helped in creating the stairs: one of the "petals" with a nice curvature suddenly reaches inside and creates the connection between the ground floor and the bar in the upper corner.

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