Dienstag, 3. Juni 2008

Updates 3rd of June

Congratulations for winning the Brancusi Museum Competition!

We remade the model trying to make it similar to the one that we choose last time. Now it has no errors and it's even ready to go to the 3D printer! The next step will be adding more detail to the interior and modelling the site.

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Matias del Campo hat gesagt…

Thanks for the Kudos,
seems the news are spreading fast!
Now, about your model....thats the right spirit, now I would be curious to see some plans, so to to understand how your space works, and don´t forghet about the stair.....
About 3D printing: please contact Harald Fleischer to talk about the files and the 3D printing schedule:

And do it soon, if not there will be no time left for printing...

Good work,